Can you put Sennheiser Amperior cables on HD 25-II?

For quite some time, I have used my Sennheiser HD 25-II headphones almost exclusively outdoors. While I love my Bose MIE2i headset (as you can tell by this post), it is not the best choice in a noisy environment. A replacement cable with mic and remote for iPhone seemed like a natural fit for HD 25 the first time I looked around for it. I even e-mailed Sennheiser about it in late 2011. At that time, there wasn’t anything to be found, but when I took up the search again a few weeks ago, I found the Amperior! Instead of offering a replacement cable for HD 25 as I had suggested, they had launched a new product (albeit “based on” the HD 25’s). The price for the”replacement cable” for Amperior is suspiciously high and the lack of official support for HD 25 is even more suspicious. It’s almost as if they want me to think that I have discovered something that they don’t want me to know and that this somehow excuses the ridiculous price. After all, it’s not meant for me, it’s meant for people who buy the Amperior and break it. Yet, I cannot help thinking that selling these spare parts to HD 25 owners will be more lucrative than selling the headphones they are made for. If they fit, that is. So, do they? After a few anxious days of weighing pros and cons, I  finally ordered my spare parts from Custom cable. Fitting them on the headphones was dead simple.  Have a look at this video if you’re in any doubt.

HD 25-II with Amperior spare parts
HD 25-II and the Amperior spare parts

So, was it worth it? The Amperior cables definitely fit and they sound the same as far as I can tell. I haven’t really tried them out for real yet, but I don’t think I will be disappointed. In the end, it’s an expensive upgrade, but not as expensive as buying the all new Amperior. Sennheiser knows how to maximize their profit, no doubt about that. I guess that’s called a win-win situation.

2 thoughts on “Can you put Sennheiser Amperior cables on HD 25-II?”

  1. I’ve been hoping that Sennheiser would issue an iphone/ipod control cable for the HD25s. They are pretty amazing! But I just checked out the custom cable site… just over $175 with the CDN dollar conversion. Sad panda. But yea, Sennheiser does know how to maximize a profit! The local dj/music store I bought them from said they could fix or replace cable for a fraction of what the manufacture does… I wonder if they could do a quick and dirty, somewhat pro looking hack-job, a Frankenscable of sorts. Thinking out loud. Thanks for the post, any updates as far as listening/sound quality?

  2. In my opinion, the sound is actually a bit better than before (and better than Amperior – I found the noise insulation rather weak on those). Firstly, I think it’s because the cable is shorter (and possibly of higher quality, but I can’t back that up). Secondly, the Amperior cable is much thicker at the end that is close to the headphones, which generates less noise as it moves around. Clearly, the Amperior cable is designed for mobile use, unlike the original one. I use my HD25s every day and have never regretted buying that expensive cable. The weakest part is the remote. The buttons are indistinct and somewhat difficult to manage without looking at them.

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